Workforce critical information documented securely online

Mosaic Occupational Heath - All you critical documents in one password protected place
All your workforce critical documentation in one password protected place

In the construction sector it is imperative that all operatives are fit for their specific roles. While the onus is on the contractor or subcontractor to ensure relevant paperwork pertaining to the health of their workforce is in place, ultimately the responsibility for checking this falls to the project management team.

Mosaic Occupational Health gives all your designated access team access to workforce sensitive information.  The Occupational Health module will support efforts to maintain employee health and safety and manage risks in the workplace that are likely to give rise to work-related ill health. Request a demo.

Key benefits delivered to our clients include:

  • Time saved by automated notification
  • Safe and secure records
  • Automatic alerts of renewal dates
  • Identifies and alerts lapsed medical checks


  • We understand that time is of the essence when setting up a project. Mosaic has created an innovative solution that allows secure and safe storage of confidential medical records against worker records.
  • This user friendly product, allows you to keep track of fit for work medical records and health surveillance tests. All confidential information is password protected, allowing only designated members of the team access.
  • When medical records are approaching renewal time or medical test dates, Mosaic automatically alerts the relevant party as a reminder.
  • This saves considerable time in chasing up contractors and also cuts down on repetitive paperwork.

The Mosaic Occupational Health product is a key component within our suite of products, that supports end to end solutions for your site management requirements, to keep your workforce safe and informed.

See how Costain's workforce were aided by Mosaic on this project:

Case Study

London Bridge Redevelopment
London Bridge redevelopment – On behalf of the client Network Rail

Costain were awarded the £700 million pound contract to redevelop London Bridge station by Network Rail. They undertook this work in phases, so the station could remain open throughout construction.

During the build Costain employed a full-time nurse on site to undertake on-line medicals and depending upon the job, surveillance tests. These included hearing, eyesight, HAVS etc. Mosaic was used to support the occupational health work on this rail project and ensure all records were updated with the relevant information. Alerts were particularly useful to remind the nurse and key members of the management team about renewal dates.