Streamline your staff and contractor site inductions – Mosaic Briefing ManagerOnline Site Induction Software

As a busy Site Manager you’ve got enough on your plate. Inducting staff, contractors, and visitors generates a lot of paperwork. Updating spreadsheets, keeping track of everything means great margin for errors. Even a small error could be costly.

You and your staff need to hit the ground running on a project. Wasting time means you’re wasting money. You need a solution that keeps everything in one place.

Mosaic Online Induction Manager is the solution.

The online approach to worker inductions

Mosaic Online Induction Manager is an online site induction software that takes the stress and hassle out of inducting new staff, contractors and visitors to the site you’re working on. As everything is managed online and in one place, you can focus on delivering your project on time and budget without worrying about excess paperwork. Try out our cost saving calculator to see just how much you could be saving in inductions each month.

“In our experience, we typically find that Site Managers spend about 12 hours on inductions per week. We can help you reduce that time considerably.”

John Micciche, MD, Mosaic Management Systems

Key benefits delivered to our clients include:

  • No more hassle with updating lots of spreadsheets
  • Reduced paperwork –  a streamlined registration and induction process anyone can easily use
  • No relying on memory to remind workers to book in for an induction
  • Accessible wherever you are, in the office or onsite

Mosaic Online Induction Manager has transformed projects in so many ways and saved our clients thousands of pounds. Why not see how we could save you time, money and reduce risks with a no obligation, 30 day free trial?


  • Your company induction should be unique to your cultural values and environment. Mosaic Induction Manager allows you to create a custom online booking for new project workers.
  • Register your workers and contractors online, upload documents and complete any pre-assessment required.
  • Run inductions offline, online or a combination of both.
  • Monitor the flow of direct employees, subcontractors and temporary employees through all of your sites regardless of the length of time spent on the job. Our system will give you the peace of mind to know they’re fully inducted, safe and productive.
  • As a CSCS IT partner, you simply scan CSCS cards and capture personal and course details. These are then attached to personal records on the system.
  • Everyone on the site is issued with a Smart Card (or can carry on using their CSCS card) allowing a construction site ‘safety network passport’ to the entire system.
  • Our web based solution supports you while delivering your induction programme across one or more sites.
  • Induction course materials can be uploaded onto the system to support programme delivery, ensuring your workforce is fully informed and safe, so no one misses out.
  • Mosaic Induction Manager is a key component within our suite of products, that supports end to end solutions for your site management requirements to keep your workforce safe and informed.

See how Mosaic Online Induction Manager has helped one client deliver a £600million project by keeping track of hundreds of staff and contractors across multiple sites:

Case Study

Southern water AMP investment programme
Southern Water AMP6 investment required an induction system that covers multiple locations


Southern Water wanted a unified solution to manage the workforce for them on their £600+ million AMP6 project roll out. The challenge was to find a flexible on-line system that could cope with contractors being employed and operating across multiple sites. In addition, any system would have to cope with the high churn rates that the client was experiencing.

Mosaic Induction Manager delivered on the client’s brief, coupled with its construction site safety ‘Network Passport’ capabilities allowing multiple locations to be covered at any one time.