Ensure the safety message is received and understood by all the workforce

Mosaic Briefing Manager
All your briefings and safety toolbox talks captured and recorded on-line

On every construction project there is a need to successfully deliver safety briefings and toolbox talks.

Mosaic Briefing Manager is a sophisticated mobile feature that registers daily briefings, toolbox talks, safety alerts and other site critical information online.

Real time control over safety briefings & toolbox talks

This product is beneficial to Site Managers on numerous levels. It supports managers with the delivery of health and safety messages across a project, while reinforcing best practice culture. Mosaic is here to support you in this activity behind the scenes. Request a Demo.

Mosaic Briefing Manager is the solution


Key benefits delivered to our clients include:

  • Records daily toolbox talks/safety briefings and attendance electronically
  • Reduces time through the eradication of paperwork
  • Detailed briefing attendance reporting
  • Improves site communication and efficiency


  • Simply deliver the briefing / toolbox talk and attendees record their attendance by scanning their Smart Card onto a mobile device / PDA.
  • The Smart Card enables those individuals’ listening to the talk to be registered against their record as listening to the briefing.
  • Talk notes and presentations can also be stored against the action using our Evidence Manager for future reference.
  • From a site management perspective, the system allows management to better support the delivery of best practice talks, and additionally track this crucial health and safety related activity.
  • Mosaic Briefing Manager is a key component within our suite of products, that supports end to end solutions for your site management requirements to keep your workforce safe and informed.

See how toolbox talks were delivered over a wide geographical area on this project:

Case Study

A1plus area 12 - mosaic briefing manager
A1plus Area 12 geographically depicted

The Aone+ Area 12 contract has an estimated value of £200m and commenced on in October 2009. It encompasses 354km of motorways and 349km of trunk roads and depots that need to be maintained.

The JV consortium that won the contract was Costain, Colas Inc. and Halcrow. Through the use of Mosaic’s toolbox talk application, they are able to move away from a paper based system of briefings. Prior to this innovation all areas sent attendance sheets. Now it is recorded in instantaneously.