Smart asset management solution – Complete 360 degree view over your stock and assets

Mosaic Stock & Asset Management - A module for all inventory site requirements
Loss of stock and equipment can prove very costly over the life of a project

Mosaic Asset Manager is a powerful multifaceted tool to support management with the tracking of materials and equipment on-site.

Historically, on site materials tracking and equipment locating have been made complicated by the use of traditional paper based tracking processes. These are invariably labour intensive, unreliable and contribute to the increase in construction costs. Mosaic provides a slick online system that easily allows you to book out and in items against a worker record. Take a demo.

Try our cost saving calculator to see just how much you could be saving by tagging your assets.

Mosaic Asset Manager is the solution


Key benefits delivered to our clients include:

  • Considerably reduces risk of loss or theft
  • Forward thinking solution, significantly reducing paperwork and time
  • All materials, construction site tools & equipment can be tracked
  • Flags up maintenance inspections
  • Prevents unqualified worker accessing equipment


This sophisticated product removes the need for paper or spreadsheet based approaches. Mosaic’s technology is mobile and therefore can be applied to any number of site inventory scenarios, saving you both time and money throughout the project life. Such as:

  • Helping you handle material deliveries
  • Keeping tabs on the issuing of stock
  • Tracking all plant equipment, construction tools and equipment & asset inspections
  • Issuing of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to the workforce
  • All deliveries entering the site can be scanned as stock, using a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).
  • While plant equipment is simply labelled with barcodes or RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tags and is scanned both when given and returned against the recipient’s record.
  • When the time arises for the equipment to be serviced or inspected, records denoting this can be uploaded against the specific plant tools, construction hand tools and site equipment.
  • Mosaic Asset, Inspection & Stock Control Manager is a key component within our suite of products, that supports end to end solutions for your site management requirements, to keep your workforce safe and informed.

See how Costain utilised this module within their London Bridge stores:

Case Study

London Bridge Redevelopment
London Bridge redevelopment – A development on behalf of the client Network Rail

Costain were awarded the £700 million contract to redevelop London Bridge station by Network Rail. Around 54 million passengers travel through London Bridge station each year. By the end of the project in 2018, there will be much improved facilities and two-thirds more space for passengers.

During the period of the build, Costain wanted to make provisions to track workforce use of machinery, tools and issuing of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment). With 1000+ workers on site at any one time, they set up a designated storeroom on site manned by 7 Store Men. Using Mosaic’s solution they have been able to book out and in all equipment used by the workforce. This system has ensured a complete record of the exchange and record of inspections while the equipment’s is onsite and throughout its life. During the project’s life to date, there has been over 1.4 million transactions where tools and stock have been accessed and returned.