Mosaic Perception is a cutting edge on-line package that supports all manner of organisations to better empower their workforces, while managing and mitigating the risk that can be prevalent through misplaced confidence, lack of skills or simply bad practice.

Our customisable on-line assessments (known as situational judgement assessments or on-line situational judgement tests), consultancy services and workforce risk solution, enable our clients to identify, manage and mitigate this risk.

This service is able to highlight skills and knowledge gaps and expose employee behaviour that may pose a risk to regulatory compliance, best practice, health and safety or even competitiveness. Through our work we identify the root causes so risks can be addressed immediately using targeted interventions.



We often work with clients who work in high risk industries, such as the construction and utility sector, who tend to have more disparate and fluid workforces than most.

We are able to initially help identify and thereafter improve and monitor either teams or individual working performing safety critical tasks. Results can be viewed instantaneously in the form of real-time data on the competence and confidence of each individual at specific times and dates.

At Mosaic, we understand that simply holding a record of employee qualifications, licences and training courses is insufficient in the current working environment. You certainly need peace of mind to know that your workforce can deliver in the way that is safe and productive. What we do is work closely with our clients as the subject matter experts to create role specific assessments that align with corporate goals and strategy.


Our consultants work closely with customers to create bespoke assessments applicable to individual job roles and functions that are aligned with corporate strategy. Our work is varied and our consultants work closely with our clients to ensure that their strategic objectives are met. We measure what employees understand about their job, and we draw upon years of our combined knowledge and experience to develop assessments that meet your needs.

Because we collaborate with our client’s candidates or employees, we are able to draw on their in-depth understanding of the role and it is with this insight that we are able to construct questions to identify knowledge gaps which can be turned into actionable activity based on assessment results.