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Behind every construction project there is a need to successfully induct / onboard employees and contractors, monitor site access and check workforce competencies, potentially using competency management software. Mosaic does all of this and more through an on-line platform and Smart Card system. This is the integrated system where one card really does open up a world of innovative site management possibilities.

Mosaic manages site qualifications (through its core competency management system), ongoing occupational health assessments, inductions / employee onboarding, fatigue risk management, professional development, situational judgement testing and training, resulting in overall improvement of efficiency and productivity.

Mosaic has an impressive re-­subscribe rate showing that its essential products are vital to their clients overall induction / employee onboarding, compliance and operational processes, thereby saving them time, money and reducing accidents through improved site health and safety. Construction site workforce competency management and time saving applications are at the core of our system, freeing you up to further project / site manage your employees and contractors.

Clients using the system daily:

Mosaic Management Systems clients

Sectors we operate in

Public Sector

Mosaic has substantial capabilities and experience for delivering leading edge applications to local and central government projects in the UK.


Mosaic has worked with some of the largest utility companies in the UK to create a robust and proven useful solution to increase efficiency and productivity of various projects.


Mosaic Management Systems has been the number one workforce management solution of choice for the UK’s leading water companies. Mosaic is also a preferred supplier to water companies on various projects.


Mosaic has provided solutions for contractors working on some of the most iconic and strategically important rail projects.


With over 8 years’ experience in the Construction industry, we provide clients, main contractors and subcontractors with trusted and unique competency and site management software and mobile solutions.


Mosaic software is used on various major Highway projects to manage competency and comply with Health & Safety standards to reduce accidents in a high risk environment.

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